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I can for sure do that!!! I’ll work on that next week! <3 xoxo

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I have gotten Emma Stone many times lol but never Kaya! <3 You’re sweet! 

 I am still a thick girl, and I honestly love it! I wouldn’t even call myself skinny but I’m healthy and I love my body! I got it by honestly just eating healthy, fresh foods, so fruits and veggies and Chicken became my best friend because I don’t eat seafood, so fish and salmon were sadly out of the question for me. I never counted calories, I was just more aware of my portions and I ate slower so my body could register when I was really full and I started off my weightloss by walking every single day for an hour, I actually lost a lot of weight from that, and I also gave up a lot of sugar, so any sugar drinks like pop and juice, I stuck to water and tea! 

 <3 xoxo I hope I could help somewhat! 

I started coloring my hair black about 4 years ago, I do have pictures from when I was blonde, I’ll definitely share those! :) 

How much were you before losing the weight and how tall are you :3

I was 210lbs at my highest! I am 5,5 <3

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I’m a natural blonde. :P 

Then unfollow? hahahaha doesn’t that solve this issue? :s 

Becoming a morning person.

Becoming a morning person is a huge goal for me. I want to get up early as the sun sets and go for a refreshing run, come home and make a healthy breakfast and jump into the shower and wash my body with a fruity scent, go to work feeling like i’m on top of the world!