I started coloring my hair black about 4 years ago, I do have pictures from when I was blonde, I’ll definitely share those! :) 

How much were you before losing the weight and how tall are you :3

I was 210lbs at my highest! I am 5,5 <3

Lets snapchat ! Girlbrushedpink <3 

I’m a natural blonde. :P 

Then unfollow? hahahaha doesn’t that solve this issue? :s 

Becoming a morning person.

Becoming a morning person is a huge goal for me. I want to get up early as the sun sets and go for a refreshing run, come home and make a healthy breakfast and jump into the shower and wash my body with a fruity scent, go to work feeling like i’m on top of the world! 

What do you guys want to see/hear? I need some new stuff!


I have contacts because I’m blind haha but I don’t use colored ones. 

 Thank you so much!!! <3 xoxoxo

Thank you so much! :D 

 I use www.pixlr.com they have the nicest Filters and colors 

xoxo <3

Do you have a LOOKBOOK...if not you totally need one. I love your style, and I think you could deff rock an account on there! And congrats on your weight loss you look fab. I dont think you need to lose anymore. :)

Thank you so much!! :D I am going to sound so lame right now I could imagine, but what is a lookbook? :P 

 <3 xoxo