Imagine we all met at a park and had a huge workout orgy :O


So I went out today and got a badminton and Volleyball set. I’m kinda excited about it!

What is one thing that helped you change your lifestyle? What was it that really pushed you?

Please share with me so I can share with everyone else! :) We would love to hear what made you change your life for the better.

I know it’s a thing to be tan, but PLEASE wear sunscreen and stop using tanning beds, you’re young now and don’t see the damage that’s actually being done to your skin, but one day you will and it’s not worth it.


I really want to get healthy and I love your tumblr so much! you are such an inspiration and i was wondering were you a smoker before you decided to get healthy? cause i am and i think thats going to be a big problem for me!

I have never smoked a day in my life, but I can say QUIT! Please please quit. I know it’s easier said than done, I truly do. But smoking is so bad for you and you’re so young now that if you quit it will prevent health risks in your future. PLEASSEEE!!!! 


Ouuu navy blue would be super nice and classy, with a pair of thigh high socks! DAMN!

I live your blog and I love your hair 😍

I <3 you!!!! 

Omigosh you are so beautiful and you've lost so much of your weight can I be just half of you? ;___; <3

Thank you so much!! 
  Be you Beautiful! <3 xoxo 

hey your totally gorg and congratz on ur achievements mamii :) can u tell me what routine u followed to get the weight off?

Thank you so much! :)

 Read the messages before this one! It says it all!! <3 xoxo

I walked for about an hour a day, and I did a little bit of both! :)

Oh my goodness. I have no Idea about eating food to target certain areas of the body. All I can say is love the way your face is now! No need to change! If you really want more plump cheeks add a little blush to the apples of them to make them more round! :)